The luckiest

*Martha Stewart’s Crafting Blog featured these balloons converted into floating ice cream cones with a little help from construction paper. So cute.

*Love these paper cut out bookmarks I saw on Etsy. Adorable.

*I’ve always wanted to host one of these outdoor movie parties. It has been a bit of an obsession. This Fall, it will have to happen!

*My daughter begins kindergarten this week.


I managed to get in several hours of editing before she woke up today so that we can spend the day just having fun.  I love her because she is my daughter, but I really love any time I get to spend with her because of the person she is and how she sees the world. Her teachers gave her a Kind Friend Award last year. I can’t think of anything more appropriate.  She told me right before she fell asleep last night, “I think I must be the luckiest girl in the town.”

I know that I am.

Happy Weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “The luckiest

  1. Mom

    She is so precious and so thoughtfull .We look forward to seeing here in Oct…. Love that you share the cute sweet things she says… lv meme

  2. George

    We are lucky to have her. And I know I’m just being the proud papa, but it was THE Kind Friend Award — as in, the only one given in her class. Kind, fun, smart… What more could you want?

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